Who stands behind this?

Institute of Industrial Design Studio 1:1 Profim

mPosition is the result of cooperation between three parties: Profim, the Institute of Industrial Design, and a Gdańsk designer group of Jarosław Szymański (called Studio 1:1).

mPosition is an innovative station for working with a computer which fits perfectly well into both public space and office space, placing itself way ahead of the currently applied norms and market standards.

Who stands behind this? - Research - Design - Manufacturer

mPosition  – innovative 
mobile workstation 
that ensures maximum comfort

Breakthrough in comfort and ergonomics

mPosition manual

You know how to take the full advantage
of mPosition? Look through the user’s manual.

User Guide 2.50 MB

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Exercise with us

Set of 5 isometric exercises prepared
by the Ergonomics Faculty of the Central Labour Institute