What is ergonomics? Ergonomics? Is it necessary? mPosition – Time to help evolution!

Sedentary work is a whole new world for humans, something for which evolution has not prepared us. Just 200 years ago, most professions involved some kind of physical activity and continuous movement. Working in front of a computer has imposed an unnatural position on us. Despite a number of guidelines about how to adapt work stations to minimise the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle, the majority of people do not follow them. Problems with muscular and skeletal systems resulting directly from use of poor positions affect 35% of people who work using a computer. Sitting in a poor position can lead to numerous pains in different parts of the body, from the neck to the knees and calves; they can also lead to problems with concentration or even result in frustration.

mPosition  – innovative 
mobile workstation 
that ensures maximum comfort

Breakthrough in comfort and ergonomics