mPosition –  innovative mobile workstation
that ensures maximum comfort

Hello from the future

Learn more about mPosition – it revolutionises our concept of comfort and ergonomics at work.

On the website, you can find information about the products, multimedia material presenting its innovative features and its many applications, the idea of everyday ergonomics explained together with research that led to the creation of mPosition.

mPosition seems to have come from the near future. It has been constructed after considerable research into ergonomics and it shows the direction in which we plan to head. It is an answer to the need to re-shape work environment and modify the way in which you spend your free time, altering our habits in both of these areas. Visit the future with us – we promise you the journey will be both comfortable and full of new experiences.

Research on ergonomics
Idea - new working environment
mPosition - comfort and new sensations

Accept mPosition

Exercise with us

Set of 5 isometric exercises prepared
by the Ergonomics Faculty of the Central Labour Institute


mPosition manual

You know how to take the full advantage
of mPosition? Look through the user’s manual.

User Guide 2.50 MB